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Small Business Training
The NC Small Business Center Network has added military hiring training materials to the list of courses that it provides to small business owners at 60 locations across North Carolina, empowering NC’s small business owners to find, assess, and hire qualified military candidates.

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Making North Carolina the Number One State for Military Employment 

Connect with Military Talent

Skills Matching Platform
NC Works Online utilizes matchmaking technology and a state-wide network of case managers to connect employers with qualified military talent based on their knowledge, skills and interests.

Military Employment Summits

The most successful military hiring initiatives begin with a firm commitment from an employer’s senior management. NC4ME's Summits bring together senior industry, government, and military leaders to share the business case for hiring military candidates and identify proven strategies that employers can use to incorporate military hiring into their business strategy.

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Welcome to NC4ME

NC for Military Employment (NC4ME) is an initiative of the NC Veterans Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Our Approach

North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME) is a coalition of organizations from the public and private sectors working together to implement a unique, employer-centric approach to military hiring.

NC4ME military employment 

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Accredited Human Resource Training

Over 6,000 human resource professionals across North Carolina are being taught how to locate, assess, and support qualified military talent during regular presentations at chapter meetings and accredited training hosted by the USO of North Carolina. 

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NC4ME Hiring Events
Hiring managers connect with military candidates during Hiring Events held inside NC’s major military installations. In contrast to typical “job fairs”, companies will arrive ready to conduct interviews prearranged based on candidate interest and company need.